Moebius Capital Group has new investment vehicles (“Funds”) to capture opportunities in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Miami (USA), developing strategic alliances with local players of institutional quality, managing the investment process and structuring the real estate developments in each market.

“The real estate sector in the Latin American region offers attractive investment opportunities. In more consolidated markets, such as Santiago de Chile and São Paulo, opportunities are generally related to the acquisition of operating properties with existing stable income, with low investment risk due to their sustained demand and high market liquidity. These opportunities normally generate average returns and are easily projectable. In less developed markets, such as Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Lima or Asunción, investment opportunities are mainly found in the development of new projects, since the real estate market is not fully consolidated yet. In these cases, if the righ projects and partners are chosen, the returns can be extraordinary with a controlled risk profile”.



Since mid 2010, the Argentine real estate market has seen a significant deceleration, mainly due to the deterioration of key macroeconomic variables. This situation has led to a lack of investments across all industrial sectors, including the real estate and the construction industries at large. Our optimistic view as regards the changes of administration expected for the next presidential elections of October 2015 anticipates a strong come back of Argentina to position itself as an attractive market for real estate investment, with a sound recovery across the market, but specially in the commercial sector (offices and retail, mainly). To leverage this expected scenario, Moebius Capital Group is currently developing a portfolio of opportunities of scale within the commercial sector to position itself in solid assets when the new Argentine cycle begins.



The Uruguayan real estate market has historically grown mainly by Argentine investment. Due to the current macroeconomic situation in Argentina, the Uruguayan market has weakened. However, the local growth of the agricultural sector and the strengthening of commercial ties with Brazil have generated a growing independence from the Argentine situation and have strengthened the fundamentals of the Uruguayan real estate market.  Particularly, there are sectors with a strong recent development, such as housing for the middle class (Vivienda de Interés Social, VIS), logistics and hospitality, which have received a major investment boost due to a genuine growth of demand and to the fact that they are reached by State promotion plans. At present Moebius Capital Group is considering investments in the logistics and hospitality sectors in Montevideo, as well as “built to suit” opportunities in corporate offices.



As a result of the strong macroeconomic growth in recent years, resulting from the expansion of agribusiness and industrial investment, the real estate market has started its development in Paraguay. Initially focused on premium residential condos, offices and hotels, the market of Asunción shows a dynamism never seen before. Projects of scale such as the World Trade Office Center or the mixed-use project Paseo la Galería reflect a pivotal point in the history of the real estate market in Paraguay. Our vision is that these investments are just the beginning of a deeper development, spread across a variety of sectors and geographies (which historically did not receive any attention), where there are still many opportunities for real estate development. Currently Moebius Capital Group is working on the development of a variety of mix use projects, and on a land banking strategy in Asunción and Alto Paraná (Ciudad del Este).



Miami’s real estate market has proven to be one of the markets with the highest demand for foreign investment within the United States. In addition to being historically a target market of many Latin American countries for both tourism and business residences, it has now started to receive investment from Europe and Asia. Acknowledging that the region of Florida has a great variety of markets and sectors, it is important to understand the investment objectives in order to define the appropriate strategy for each case. Currently Moebius Capital Group is developing a strategy for income assets with a low risk profile, with the primary objective of capital preservation, that is to say, investment in consolidated assets, with increasing rental income and appreciation of value over time.